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Subject: Substitution Status Code

Juha has asked how, in Order Response, the Seller can give a reason for 
substituting an Item.  I think the answer is to use SubstitutionStatusCode 
in OrderLine; it's just that the definition of that BIE is badly worded. 

If the code for, say, out of stock is 10, then
1) the OrderResponse.LineItem.LineStatusCode would be 'Change' and
2) the OrderResponse.OrderLine.SubstitutionStatusCode would be '10' 

Accordingly, the definition of SubstitutionStatusCode, which is currently: 

A code indicating the substitution status of the Order Line.  Order Line may 
indicate that a substitute is proposed by the Buyer or by the Seller (in 
Order Response) or that a substitution has been made by the Seller (in Order 

would be refined as: 

A code indicating the status of the substitution of an Item on an Order Line 
by either the Buyer (in a change Order) or the Seller (in an Order 
Response).  The code indicates the reason for the substitution rather than 
the fact that a substution has been made. 

Please confirm if this is your understanding. 

Regards, Mark 

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