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Subject: Monday Meeting

Sorry (yet again) for the late notice, but please can we meet at 10:00CET on Monday (11th) morning.
Main discussion points are contained in Jon's email below.

I can also report from the meeting last week, which was attended in part by Carol Cosgrove-Sacks, that the TaxXML group is keen to engage with us.  They are currently meeting in Washington, so that has rather overcome events, but have another meeting in London in October.  Between now and then, I will be contacting them with a view to determining how we can work together.

Regards, M

Mark Leitch
Director - Tritorr Ltd
tel.:       +44 1932 821112
cell.:      +44 7881 822999
mail:      ml@tritorr.com
skype:    wmarkle
site:       www.tritorr.com

Begin forwarded message:

Date: 7 June 2007 17:20:43 GMT+02:00
Subject: [ubl] Action items from the Manhattan F2F

Hello UBL TC,

Here's a list of the action items assigned in the closing plenary
10 May 2007; see

A couple of these (as indicated) have already been taken care of;
I'll carry the rest forward on the agendas of coming TC calls, the
next of which will take place the week of 18 June.



ACTION: JB to find the name of first UBL implementer in the UK.


ACTION: JB to notify Roberto Cisternino of the decision to
allow free use of the unofficial UBL logo.


ACTION: JB to check with Chin Chee-Kai regarding availability
of a UBL 2.0 version of UBLish.

ACTION: GKH to write up the "Candidate Decision Regarding Code
List Support" as amended 10 May 2007 (see minutes referenced

ACTION: PSC and TSC to provide feedback on UBL 2.0 SBS 2.0:

ACTION: PSC and TSC to summarize business rules that are (1)
wanted in UBL but not allowed by [i.e., capable of being addressed
by] the NDR (e.g., requirement to include one of PartyName and
PartyIdentifier but not both) and (2) data items whose constraints
are inherited from another standard (e.g., lengths of data items
specified by UNTDED); the rules so identified to become candidates
for a list of schematron assertions "recommended to be included"
(final characterization TBD).

ACTION: JB to minute the one nonsubstantive spreadsheet error
found so far (the entry for BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA in
CountryIdentificationCode-2.0.gc is broken) and send a message
to this effect to ubl-dev.

ACTION: MG to investigate the impact of GKH's proposed
namespace-based versioning mechanism on the NDR.  AGREED that if
no critical problems are found in this investigation, we will
adopt GKH's proposal for namespace-based versioning, as contained


   ACTION: TM to write section on Guidelines for Compatibility,
   draft to NDR editors by mid-August.

   ACTION: JB to write up GKH's subset generation, subset
   verification, and processing model proposals for inclusion
   in the Guidelines, draft to NDR editors by mid-August.

   ACTION: NDR editors MG and MC to write "Guidelines for
   Customization" based on this week's review of MG's slides
   and input from TM and JB; draft due 1 September for
   discussion at the UBL TC meeting in Stockholm.

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