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Subject: UBL Catalogue requirements for the textile and apparel industry

Dear PSC,
our primary UBL ITLSC member ENEA has a long experience into the textile 
supply chain and they are promoting and implementing the UBL Catalogue.

Please find below a set of requirements for the UBL Catalogue 2.0:

1. It is required to associate 1 or more pictures to show the item or 
parts of it.

    I proposed to use the attachment for this purpose:

2. For a given item it is required to specify a set of variations (e.g. 
A T-Shirt is available on different colors: white, black, red, ... but 
also there are two different embroiders variations)

    I proposed:

3. About the "Brand":
    The brand name seems to be not sufficient for the textile and 
apparel industry.
    These are the additional data that could expand the Brand element:
    - Brand Logo
    - Description
    - Code
    - Market (the target market/s for this brand)

    NOTE: A new Brand aggregate should be required for both the Item 
level and Document level.
                At the document level a Brand could be expressed as a 
default for all items.

For further discussions on this argument please reply to both me and 
Arianna Brutti.

Thank you in advance for your evaluations


Roberto Cisternino
Arianna Brutti (ENEA)

UBL ITLSC co-chairs

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