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Subject: Re: [ubl-psc] VCD


maybe I am wrong but I see this VCD a document that could be attached or even embedded into any UBL document like the Invoice where we want provide more information on our Corporate tio the other Party.  For embedding I mean the UBLExtensions.

The reason I assert this is that I will have to address some Italian aspects of the Invoice, where a set of Corporate information are not precisely found in the actual UBL 2.0.
As discussed with Georg Birgisson, in Italy we always include such Corporate info in the Invoice for legal reasons.
I embrace the idea that such corporate info could be provided just occasionally and not into all invoices, so I would like to ask you if we could launch the practice to embed the VCD inside UBL Documents when required.  To say, if a VCD is found inside a given UBL document, than new Corporate info are provided and should be reviewed by the receiver Party.

Thank you for any comments on this field.

Attached is the SCIC Chair (represents Italian Corporates and Treasurers) for their evaluations.


Oriol Bausà ha scritto:
25F681E3-DF0C-4828-94CA-5DCEE13785A6@invinet.org" type="cite">Dear all,

 I was in Koblenz last Thursday and Friday working with WP2 in PEPPOL. As you probably know, this WP is dealing with the Virtual Company Dossier data model. They created a data model and I was there helping them in creating UBL maindocs for this VCD. This is very much the same as the original Qualification document we developed in CODICE, but it is much more detailed and analyzed by a consortium of different European countries. Within CEN BII, I'll try to merge the Qualification profile with the VCD data models, so we will get just one data model (in fact, the VCD has three different main documents: VCD Package, VCD and Electronic Evidence).

I am submitting the  results for the VCD into the list to take them into account for the pre-awarding phase. The good news is that they have managed to reuse a large number of UBL BIEs, and there are only 4 new ABIES.

Best regards,


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