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Subject: RE: [ubl] Defining Geograpic areas in UBL - How?

At 2009-08-07 21:56 -0400, Andrew Schoka wrote:
>Thanks for your prompt response to my request however, I think I didn't do a
>very good job of explaining the Freightwise requirement to describe a
>geographic area. It would be the area bounded by lines connecting points
>(min of 3) together to form a polygon of sorts.

The example I created for you is a specification of a polygon of 
three points where each point is a lat/long co-ordinate.  I note in 
my cut and paste haste that I mistakenly used "North" instead of 
"West" or "East" for longitude, but my attempt was just that:  to 
create an arbitrary geographical shape with an arbitrary number of 
location coordinates (the UBL definition for a location coordinate is 
"Information about physical (geographical) location."

>It could be an even larger
>number of points that may get connected together to form a circular area.

The cardinality of cac:LocationCoordinate in cac:Address is "zero to 
many" so you can specify any number of points you wish for an 
arbitrarily shaped polygon.

>Or how about a circular area defined by a single point and a radius?

There you've got me stumped ... I can't quickly find a construct that 
would be suitable for that.  There is cbc:CoordinateSystemCode "An 
identifier for the location system used."  I suppose I might be able 
to say something like a code representing "Circular centre", thus 
indicating the geographic location of the centre point, but I don't 
see another item in cac:LocationCoordinate in which I would specify a radius.

Perhaps in UBL 2.1 all we need to add is an optional and repeatable 
cac:Dimension in cac:LocationCoordinate ... then we could use units 
of measure and specify using kilometres or miles the length of the 
radius of a circle.  Even if this doesn't satisfy your requirement, I 
think it might be useful in the future and I hope the PSC/TSC can 
discuss the appropriateness of adding it.

Until then, how about simply as free text in cac:AddressLine/cbc:Line?

>I really need to ask Freightwise for a real world example of how they intend
>to use the area location in their expected reportes.

I look forward to hearing more!

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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