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ubl-psc message

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Subject: Meeting in the UBL PSC friday the 22nd 2010

Dear all


I would like to call in to the meeting in the UBL PSC Friday the 22nd 2010 from 14.30 to 16.00




    Skype: +9900827043982678

    US/Canada toll-free: 1-888-350-0075

    International: 201-793-9022

    "Conference Room Number": 3982678 then #


Arianna will send out a yugma ID before the meeting



1)      Status of the schema generation

2)      Pending FIRTG issues, including usage of the PaymentMandate (due to a list sent out by Roberto)

3)      New document types from PEPPOL (by Sven)

4)      Review of the consolidated common library

5)      Preparation of the TC meeting in Copenhagen

6)      Review of the Calendar (Tim)

7)      Any other business


Best regards


Peter L. Borresen


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