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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Representation of a measurement as a fraction

Hello Graham,

you should know that recently we have updated the UBL Invoice to express the PayableAmount using the document currency and the alternative currency (adding a separate amount)

On friday I'll discuss with UBL PSC (procurement subcommittee) to extend this enhancement to the Remittance Advice.

Thank you for your valuable contribution.

Best regards

UBL ITLSC co-chair
Roberto Cisternino

Graham Leggett ha scritto:
On 20 Jan 2010, at 9:41 PM, Tim McGrath wrote:

i think the important point is that the numerics carried in these documents are used not generally used for arithmetic.  when someone orders 1/3 of an inch of something or 5/16 of a pint these are effectively  text (ie presentation).  I am not sure I have seen a case in EDI or UBL for actually knowing that 1/4 is really the same as 0.25  or that 1/3 is a bit more than 1.333 or for knowing two times 1/6 is 1/3 etc...

Perhaps we need a use case for the problem statement?

In cross currency transactions, you might pay X Euros for Y dollars, and these need to be expressed as fractions to be accurate.

Right now, the remittance advice specifies a source currency, and an approximation of the rate in rounded off decimal. If a credit card payment gateway settles a transaction in currency X, but is paid in currency Y, this cannot currently be represented accurately using a remittance advice.


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