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Subject: Minutes for the meeting in the UBL PSC friday the 22nd 2010

Atttendees: Peter Borresen, Oriol Bausa, Sven Rasmussen, Tim McGrath, Andrew Shocka, Arianna Brutti, Roberto Cisternino, Georg Birgisson. Meeting ended 16.10



Arianna will send out a yugma ID before the meeting



1)      Status of the schema generation

Ken Holman has stated that he believes the eDocCreator is capable to generate 2.1 schemas.

Tim pointed out the problem that the consolidated common library will be the source for two groups. It is maintained by Arianna

Wedensday the 27th or thurday the 28th, Arianna will send the complete set of spreadsheet, including the comsolidated common library to Fulya

Fulya will then reload the spreadsheets and generate the schemas

After this point the eDocCreator will be our common source for UBL 2.1

2)      Pending FIRTG issues, including usage of the PaymentMandate (due to a list sent out by Roberto)

List is completed, Arianna will include it with the disposition in the issuelist

3)      New document types from PEPPOL (by Sven)

(Postphoned) PEPPOL has recognized a need for a CatalogueTemplate to list the requirements for a Catalouge

4)      Review of the consolidated common library

Andrew went through his list of issues that needed to be reconsidered.

5)      Preparation of the TC meeting in Copenhagen

Item was posponed

6)      Review of the Calendar (Tim)

Item was postponed

7)      Any other business

Item was postponed




Best regards


Peter L. Borresen


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