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ubl-psc message

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Subject: Meeting in the PSC

Dear all


Thank you for the great contribution to the process so far. This has given Arianna a lot to work with.


Ken Holman has uploaded a new package with the missing schemas at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=37039


Therefore I would like to call in for a PSC meeting Tuesday the 30 of March 14.00 CET at



    Skype: +9900827043982678

    US/Canada toll-free: 1-888-350-0075

    International: 201-793-9022

    "Conference Room Number": 3982678 then #

       (applies only if calling one of the phone numbers)



1)      Review of the schemas

2)      Codelists

3)      XML instance examples

4)      Any other business


Best regards




PS: We have been given a task from the TC to provide document instances. I would ask you to provide an instance from the group you review before the meeting.


I have allowed myself to distribute some task to the group:

Andy and the TSC:                     Review Transport schemas and provide instances.

Oriol:                                               Review Tendering schemas and provide instances.

Sven:                                               Review Catalogue schemas and provide instances

Martin:                                           Review Ordering schemas and provide instances

Peter (me):                                  Review Sourcing schemas and provide instances

Georg:                                            Review Billing schemas and provide instances

Joao:                                               Review ApplicationResponse, Attachment, DocumentStatus, DocumentStatusRequest and provide instances

Roberto:                                        Review RemittanceAdvice, Statement and provide instances

Ole:                                                  Review Utillity Statement and provide instances

Arianna:                                         Review eBiz schemas (Stock Availbillity Report, Instructions for returns, Invetory report, Product Activity and provide instances

Fulya:                                              Review the CPRF  schemas (ExceptionCriteria, ExceptinNotification, ForeCast, ForeCastRequest,

ItemInformationRequest, ProductActivity, RetailEvent) and provide instances


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