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Subject: Minuts of the UBL-PSC meeting

Dear all please find the minutes of the PSC meeting yesterday the 30th of
March 14.30-16.15 CET

Present was Arianna Brutti, Tim McGrath, Fulya Tuncer and Peter Borresen

1)	Review of the schemas
A lot of comments has been provided to the PSC list. In general only
comments about the new ABIEs or errors will be taken into account. Others
will be taken into account during the review phase. A new set of schemas
needs to be generated with the corrections by Arianna. Arianna has updated
the issue list.  

2)	Codelists
The responsibility for providing codelists or value examples has been
distributed in the attached spreadsheet. You are welcome to take
resposiillity for more code list. Please provide an updated version to
Arianna ASAP and she will align it. Thanks to Martin for his contribution.
Due to the walkthrough of the code list we also found some code list that
need to be better qualified. This is e.g. the TypeCode and SubtypeCode in

3)	XML instance examples
The resposibillity for providing samples has been assigned due to the list
below, but the tsk has been postponed until the new set of schemas has been
Andy and the TSC:  Transport instances.
Oriol:             Tendering instances.
Sven:              Catalogue instances
Martin:            Ordering instances
Peter (me):        Sourcing instances
Georg:             Billing instances
Joao:              ApplicationResponse, Attachment, DocumentStatus,
DocumentStatusRequest instances
Roberto:           RemittanceAdvice, Statement instances
Ole:               Utillity Statement instances
Arianna:           eBiz schemas (Stock Availbillity Report, Instructions for
returns, Invetory report, Product Activity instances
Fulya:             CPRF (ExceptionCriteria, ExceptinNotification, ForeCast,
ItemInformationRequest, ProductActivity, RetailEvent) instances

4)	Any other business
The meeting ended 16.15

PS: Jon, due to the late time for the meeting (last chance for doing
shopping before Easter) I will not be able to attend the meeting later today


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