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Subject: Multiple identifiers for certain items

Hello PSC members!

I'm creating a UBL invoice for my company from my paper copy and I 
note that my financial institution has two global identifiers:  a 
Swift ID and an ABA ID.

The cardinality of cbc:ID for cac:FinancialInstitution is 0..1, so I 
arbitrarily picked the Swift one:

           <cbc:ID schemeAgencyName="Swift">AAAAAAAAA</cbc:ID>

... but that means I am not conveying the ABA identifier and I must 
have needed it at one point to add it to the paper invoice.  Not 
being a banker, I'm guessing the Swift identifier will be more useful 
than the ABA identifier.

All 88 cbc:ID elements in UBL 2.1 have a maxOccurs of 1.

Does it make sense to make maxOccurs="unbounded" for some identifiers 
such as the financial institution?

I know it does not make sense for items being identified within the 
document, such as line items ... those should only have a single 
identifier.  But we might consider this for items external to the document.

Recently I argued that since <cbc:ID> is based on CCTS IdentifierType 
and that that type implies uniqueness.  Thankfully the uniqueness 
indicated is only within a particular identification scheme:

    A character string to identify and distinguish uniquely, one
    instance of an object in an identification scheme from all
    other objects in the same scheme together with relevant
    supplementary information.

Thus, even with that definition, the following would not be out of 
line because of the different identification schemes:

           <cbc:ID schemeAgencyName="Swift">AAAAAAAAA</cbc:ID>
           <cbc:ID schemeAgencyName="ABA">BBBBBBBB</cbc:ID>

This implies a new unwritten UBL rule of each use of more than one 
cbc:ID should (must?) be distinguished by supplementary scheme metadata.

I don't know off hand if there are other uses of cbc:ID that would qualify.

Does this make sense, or have I missed something?


. . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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