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Subject: SV: Reminder, codelist and samples

Hi Oriol

I am very pleased to see the big list of values :-). I have the following
1) Isn't Activity code the same as Industrial Classification Code. Please
check for alignment
2) Does the Awarding Methods Type Code fulfill what is in the EU directive?
3) Have you checked PaymentFrecuencyCode with Duration code in Period? I
think there are some codes for dayly, weekly, monthly etc.
4) There is spelling error in ProcedureCode ("PtrocedureCode")
5) TenderRequirementTypeCode is missing English translation
6) Isn't this the same as ISO 3166-2 ?

Best regards


-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Oriol Bausą Peris [mailto:oriol@invinet.org] 
Sendt: 12. april 2010 11:51
Til: Peter L. Borresen
Emne: Re: Reminder, codelist and samples

Hi Peter,

Here you have my first attempt on the codelists. You can see a spreadsheet
with a sheet per codelist. I've reused the CODICE lists we are actually
using in Spain. I'd like to  know:

1) Which metadata we should use to define the codelists
2) Someone to review the english translation of Spanish terms

Some of the lists are dealing with certificate types, evidence types, and so
on, and I think we cannot force a list on these items, as the lists I am
providing are basically focused on the Spanish scenario, we need to have
these lists massaged at CEN BII to get a real European contents. And maybe
even then it is not enough, and we should wait for an "international" list.

I'll wait for your comments

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