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Subject: Re: SV: [ubl-psc] UBL Statement

Done! The new inputs are in the issue list.

Best regards,


Il 16/04/2010 09:46, Peter L. Borresen ha scritto:
005601cadd38$df7abb30$9e703190$@dk" type="cite">
Hi Roberto

Thank you for your input, We look forward to receive the instances. Your
input are all new requirements and will therefore be taken care of in the
review phase.

Arianna, will you add them to the issue list?

Best regards


-----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
Fra: Roberto Cisternino [mailto:roberto@javest.com] 
Sendt: 15. april 2010 17:47
Til: 'ubl-psc@lists.oasis-open.org'
Emne: [ubl-psc] UBL Statement
Prioritet: Høj

Hello PSC,

I am working on a UBL Statement instance and I catched some issue on the

The "Statement of Account" can be sent by the Supplier/Creditor to the
Buyer/Debtor into different forms, for instance could be a list of
outstanding invoices or a full statement for a period (already settled, to
be settled and overdue payments).   But here there are further cases.

I suggest we add a new BIE in the root:

cbc:StatementTypeCode (0..1)

Another issue is the actual Statement seems to be too much oriented to the
outstanding invoices, so it is difficult to specify Collected payments
(settled invoices).

I would suggest to add:

cac:CollectedPayment (0..n)

with a structure like the cac:PrepaidPayment

AllowanceCharge should be also in the Statement Line as we should allow
the possibility to specify an allowance amount related to a line and its
referenced invoices.

without these changes I think the UBL Statement will be far from actual
uses I think.

Hope this helps


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