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Subject: Re: [ubl-psc] Meeting in the UBL PSC

Dear all,

please, send me your resolutions no later than tomorrow afternoon so that I will able to collect them in the issue list that we will use on Friday during the net-meeting.

Thank you, best regards

Il 14/12/2010 23:16, Peter L. Borresen ha scritto:
009c01cb9bdc$866fdee0$934f9ca0$@dk" type="cite">

Dear All


In order to resolve the issue list before Christmas, I would like to call in for a meeting in the UBL PSC group Friday the 17th of December from 13 to 14 CET. I would like the resolution teams to have completed their items in the list before the meeting since non-resolved issues may be postponed to the new review.




    Skype: +9900827043982678

    US/Canada toll-free: 1-888-350-0075

    International: 201-793-9022

    "Conference Room Number": 3982678 then #

       (applies only if calling one of the phone numbers)



1)      Welcome and roll call

2)      Resolutions about the envelope

3)      Resolutions about Party Legal entity

4)      Other resolutions from the resolution teams.

5)      Updates and review of the new schemas

6)      Any other business


Best regards



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