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Subject: Re: [ubl-psc] Task list for definition review

Jon has pointed out that i filled in the wrong column!!

please put your suggested definitions in the column headed "Response"  NOT the one headed "New definitions". (dont copy what i did :-[ )

On 5/07/12 5:58 PM, Tim McGrath wrote:
Please find attached a zip file with my edits of the definitions.

On 26/06/12 5:16 PM, Peter L. Borresen wrote:

Dear all


Please find my task list for reviewers in the attached spreadsheet. I have as we agreed Thursday shared the documents between us.


Please verify the definitions that has changed and correct those that has been marked with a question. You can find a link to the definitions file in a mail that Jon previous has sent, https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-psc/201206/msg00001.html


I here list the tasks again:


1. Assign responsible reviewers for each document type originating in

    your subcommittee and prepare a list of these assignments so that we

    can ensure that all documents have been assigned reviewers.


2. Set a deadline for completion of an initial review by each team so

    that we can begin to define a schedule for this work.


3. Collect any questions or feedback regarding the task as a whole for

    discussion by the TC.


4. Consider the following separate message regarding "global

    replacements" and prepare a response.  This item should be completed

    before any other editorial work is undertaken.


The separate message regarding global replacements can be found at




And see also






Best regards

Beskrivelse: Beskrivelse: ebConnect_email

Peter L. Borresen

Tlf: +4542502390


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fn:Tim McGrath
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