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Subject: New procurement subcommittees for pre-award and post-award

Fellow UBL Procurement Subcommittee members,

The work of the UBL Procurement Subcommittee has been split into two separate subcommittees:


 - public link:

 - member link:


 - public link:

 - member link:

I urge all members of the former Procurement Subcommittee to use the "Join This SC" button on the public links above promptly to become members of the new subcommittees. Or just visit this page, which is the same, and follow the instructions:


The new subcommittees should become quite active quite soon.

"See" all of you there!

. . . . . . . Ken

p.s. the former Procurement Subcommittee will be permanently archived soon, so please act on this request at your earliest convenience

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