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Subject: UBL-1-0-SBS-1-0-beta-2-2005-05-15


Two matters:

1. Are folk still available to meet tomorrow in the HISC slot?
I'm not sure how the arrangements were left since the planned
HISC call was postponed till the end of May. I just think it would
be a good idea to have a checkpoint meeting to assess progress
of the Small Business Subset package with a vote on whether
to submit this to the TC again following the editorial changes.
I'd anticipate a very brief meeting unless anyone has anything
else for the agenda.

2. After comments from Tim McGrath, Jon Bosak and G. Ken
Holman I have updated the index.html for the SBS package again
and I have hand-edited the URIs in the packaged files from
in anticipation of subsequent editing of Ken's XPaths generator.

Apologies that there isn't a change log for the index. The
changes were quite numerous.

Many thanks to those whose comments provided for these
changes and also to any who can spare a little more time
to further review the package prior to a public review.

The package can be downloaded from

and is documented at

All the best

Stephen Green

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