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Subject: Minutes Small Business SC call 17th May 2005

The UBL Small Business Subcommittee met for
(first) conference call on 17th May 2005
Micah Dubinko
Stephen Green
G. Ken Holman
This meetings was quorate
Agenda Item: UBL 1.0 Small Business Subset 1.0-beta Package
GKH: the Normative section includes both the RNC and the XSD schemas
- this may need correcting since the RNC schema is presently the normative
one and the XSD is just informative
It was agreed that Ken would try to simplify the RNC schema so that
both schemas could define the subset specification XML documents
in the same way and therefore both be normative. This might require
changes to those documents. 
Initially it was considered that this would be a pre-cd review and that
the package would not yet be presented as a proposal for a committee
draft. However it was then decided that if the changes could be made as
agreed (with SG making other editorial changes such as adding end-
slashes to links to subdirectories) then the SC could vote to present
the package as a proposed committee draft subject to TC decision and
public review.
Agreed: The package changes will be made by Ken and Steve and
posted to the SC list for an internal SC review
Agreed: Steve will then ask for an SC vote by post such that if there
were no negative votes then the finished package would be submitted
to the TC as a proposed committee draft for public review and TC
acceptance (or otherwise).
Agreed: Schedule would be one or, if there were complications,
perhaps two weeks to completion in the SC.
Other discussions:
ebBPSS example fragment in the SBS index - this would suffice
for now but in future it might be feasible to provide a set of SBS ebBPSS's
and perhaps schematron versions of the SBS documents
HISC / additions of UNLayout-based human-readable labels to the
UBL spreadsheets. If these were included eventually in UBL schemas
then it might be feasible to include them in SBS XML specs too.
The value of such labels in the spreadsheets to HISC efforts was
welcomed as it might make it possible to generate HISC specs
automatically in the future. 
Ken and Micah would both be presenting at XTech next week.
The meeting was adjourned after an hour

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