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Subject: Re: [ubl-sbsc] Minutes Small Business SC call 17th May 2005

At 2005-05-18 17:19 +0100, Stephen Green wrote:
>I don't think there are any other parts of
>the NDR which are relevant other than
>the XSD requirement

I'll have to check them ... I thought there were rules like 
leading-capital-camel-case for elements and leading-lower-camel-case for 
attributes ... things like that.  And there is no namespace for the support 
file as it is standalone and monolithic ... no need for a namespace ... do 
I still have to create one and complicate my software further?

>(the NDR starts by
>saying that all UBL schemas have to use
>W3C standards where possible, or
>  something like that but the rest only really
>applies to the scope of message schemas).

Welllllllll ... that's what I want clarified ... the scope is important and 
I didn't understand what Mark was saying.

>Many thanks for pressing on this - I agree
>it is important to sort it out. However, I don't
>think we'll get much more guidance from the TC.

I'm going to follow up the threads when I get a chance.

>I think we'll probably just have to make the
>change to dual normative schemas (dual
>schemas keep cropping up for UBL these
>days - in different ways).

Right ... but for the XSD to be normative I have to complicate my software 
(!!!!)  ... *that's* what I mean when I say I'm handcuffed by W3C SChema.

>Perhaps we could
>just wait a few more days but otherwise, now
>it is known to the TC/NDR team, maybe we
>should do our best and vote and if agreed
>send what we have done to the TC for them
>to decide (which they'll have to do anyway).

True ... but just give me a bit of time please to try and shortcut some 
criticisms ... it would be waste of time for 10 people to take the time to 
make comments on something that we know we will have to change.  I'm 
learning this from my ISO secretariat work.

Thanks for the feedback, Stephen, and for your patience with me.

. . . . . Ken

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