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Subject: Re: [ubl-sbsc] Notification of package upload and start of seven day email vote

Only one editorial fix that I can see:

Section 3.2 - remove "The XSD expression lacks some co-occurrence 
constraints that are indicated in the RNG expression." since this is no 
longer true.  This sentence has already been removed from the readme.txt file.

In the 3.1 introductory paragraph and the 3.2.1 note, we've been using the 
verb "summarize" and yet in conversation with candidate users of SBS I 
found myself using the verb "catalogue" in the way that the SBS 
specification catalogues those components of UBL 1.0 (as in an 
enumeration), it doesn't necessary summarize them (as in a 
reduction).  Though of course the SBS is a reduction of sorts of UBL so I 
suppose it is acceptable.  Anyway, food for thought to perhaps better 
express what SBS does or is.

Nothing technical, just editorial and not important.  The package can go 
out as is and we can address these in the disposition of comments.

Thanks, Stephen, for your efforts ... I'm looking forward to the feedback.

. . . . . . Ken

At 2005-06-06 12:41 +0100, Stephen Green wrote:
>I commend this package for SC checking and, as agreed,
>this is notice of a seven day e-mail vote on the following
>That this package be submitted to the UBL TC with the
>recommendation from the Small Business Subcommittee
>that it become a UBL TC committee draft.
>That the SC chairs be authorized to make minor edits
>as required to the package such as changes to names
>according to package status changes.
>Please notify the list of approval or otherwise
>or of objections by this time on June 13th.
>Votes will be assumed positive by default if no
>objection or negative vote is received within the
>seven days.

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