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Subject: Schedule for UBL 2.0 SBS

Greetings Ken, 

I was tasked at the last TC Pacific meeting
with the following action items/agreements:


ACTION: StephenG to provide an SBS timeline for the UBL 2.0

AGREED that StephenG will update the UBL 1.0 example
      scenarios for UBL 2.0.

AGREED that the work on taxation IGs will be based on
      spreadsheets in which the rows not used in the SBS have been

This is all encouraging for the SBSC but, Ken, how quickly
after I produce subset intermediate schemas for UBL 2.0
(once the actual UBL 2.0 schemas are available) could you
generate the subset XPath files? This is so we can schedule
the subset work. We need a feasibility assessment for actually
including the subset in the final UBL 2.0 package. I would
propose that, using the SBS 1.0, we could quite quickly
produce a package for 2.0 once we have a set of 2.0 schemas.

In the meantime, it is a simple thing to create the UBL 2.0
example instances based on the subset for inclusion of these
in the UBL 2.0 package (together with the storyline prose to
introduce the instances) but it might be that the whole SBS
set of files could be in the 2.0 package too. 
SBSC, how does that sound? What sort of schedule would we

I think an important schedule step would be getting Tax XML
appraisals of the SBS invoice so I'd propose we pursue that
as soon as possible (as indicated in the above TC minutes)
starting with UBL 1.0's SBS even before we have UBL 2.0.
As a result of my comment about the great benefit of such a
review we considered in the TC Pacific call that perhaps
the approach we have used for the SBS might be something
we could suggest as an approach for UBL and Tax XML in
creating tax regime-specific implementation guides. We'll
see how that progresses.

All the best

Stephen Green

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