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Subject: Next steps towards a UBL 2 SBS


I've just started to think about the need
to model in earnest the SBS for the next
version of UBL, as we possibly near a first
committee draft of UBL 2.

Perhaps now would be a good time to think 
about how to do this. I wouldn't prefer to
be working in isolation on the content so if
others on the SBSC or contacts who would
like to join the SC (and are in a position to do
so very soon) would like to be involved in
deciding the content of an initial draft of the
next Small Business Subset, please let me know
and please suggest how you would like to
proceed with this.

My default plan is to base the next subset on
that of UBL 1.0 as much as possible. This means

1. that any new content in UBL 2 can be
considered for the new subset

2. that subsets for the documents new to UBL 2
can be mainly built from the existing subsets, at
least initially (then refined as appropriate for those
new documents)

3. we do have to decide whether a subset is appropriate
for every document in UBL 2 (for example what about
the Transport context?)

I guess now is, too, the best opportunity to
improve alignment with the main scandinavian
government subsets if that is desirable so I'd
welcome suggestions on how to achieve that.

I guess it might be a good plan to invite anyone from
the Transport SC who can and wishes to to join SBSC
to help with decisions about the Transport documents
and whether they should be subsetted for small
business implementations (are small businesses and the
like likely to benefit from this, directly or indirectly via
software development?). Is such work feasible in the
existing timeframe? Would HISC work need subsets
for Transport documents?

Many thanks.

Stephen Green

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