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Subject: SBSC-based comments Re: [ubl] Groups - Issues from UBL 2.0 Reveiw (UBL-2-0-PublicReview-Issues.xls) uploaded

Hi Tim, All
and Happy 2006

I've made a start on the UBL 2 SBS work
- this is a good way, I find, to review the
content too. So I've come up with quite a
few (about 20 or so) comment points
which I hope can be added to the issues
list. Please find these attached.
They were based on the set of draft schemas
sent out at the end of December and not on the
wd package.

My initial SBS examples have been posted
in case anyone would like to see this as it
might help to see much of the content in its
simplest implementation.

All the best


----- Original Message ----- 
From: <tmcgrath@portcomm.com.au>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2006 4:31 AM
Subject: [ubl] Groups - Issues from UBL 2.0 Reveiw
(UBL-2-0-PublicReview-Issues.xls) uploaded

> Here is the start of the UBL 2.0 Issues List.
> Can I ask Betty (as librarian) to maintain this list as we progress
> the review.
>  -- Mr. Tim McGrath*
> The document named Issues from UBL 2.0 Reveiw
> (UBL-2-0-PublicReview-Issues.xls) has been submitted by Mr. Tim McGrath*
> the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) TC document repository.
> Document Description:
> This spreadsheet captures the issues arising from the review of UBL 2.0
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> Download Document:
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Comments on UBL 2cd1 initial draft - Stephen Green, December 2005

Schema Bugs:

GloballyUniqueGUID should be GUID in LineItem (OK in InvoiceLine, etc).
There are fixed attribute values in codes (e.g. cbc:CurrencyCode) - this will prevent backwards compatibility in future minor versions which need to change
 these values.
Codelists (enumerations) for UBL codes are missing.

Content Issues:

1. Some mandatory elements are likely problematic to implementations (such as small businesses especially)
a) PaymentMeans/PaymentMeansCode has UN codes which are just numbers (values have to searched for, say on Internet which might have limited accessibility)
    (that was a problem in UBL 1.0 too). Suggestion: make optional (providing a udt:Text equivalent) or provide names with code values
b) TaxTotal/TaxEvidenceIndicator  not clear whether to make this true or false and definition does not help enough 
    ('An indicator as to whether these totals are recognized as legal evidence for taxation purposes.' - 'recognized' by whom?)
c) Item/HazardousRiskIndicator 'An indicator as to whether the item as delivered is hazardous' - a very small business say may not know whether this
    is true or false absolutely, even though it might seem to be true, and may not understand legal considerations - likely to result in null content
    - this seems to be beyond 'universal business' context (i.e. implies more limited context than just Procurement, 
     such as geopolitical, industry or transport)
d) DocumentCurrencyCode - seems unnecessary for this to be mandatory when each Amount has a mandatory 
    currency attribute too (why not just use the latter? this
    should be sufficient in limited circumstances such as those relevant to small businesses, etc) 

2. TaxScheme in PartyTaxScheme is mandatory in UBL 2cd1 - should it be since the PartyTaxScheme might just be used for the CompanyID?

3. Need something like Party Name in Delivery in UBL 2cd1

4. Quantity unitCode causes problems being bound to the UN codelist in UBL 2cd1, which is highly obscure - shortnames as well as values might help

5. BasePrice is removed from Item in UBL 2cd1 but shouldn't it rather have been removed from LineItem (if duplication is the reason it was removed)?

6. EstimatedLegalTotal in UBL 2cd1 doesn't well replace LineExtensionTotalAmount (UBL 1.0) in Order (see below)

7. EstimatedLegalTotal/TaxInclusiveAmount shouldn't be required (1..1) - that was why ToBePaidAmount was added in UBL 2cd1 
    (and there is no reason for both to be required) - not all Orders include Tax so for many 
    TaxInclusiveAmount is irrelevant and certainly shouldn't be required

8. Party/ID is gone in UBL 2cd1; can PartyLegalEntity be used instead? - probably it often isn't a proper alternative?

9. TaxCategory/ID should be optional and definition improved to say something like 
    'used to identify a tax category within a document and/or financial system'

10. With introduction of separate Date and Time BBIEs maybe these can be used for -DeliveryDateTime (-DeliveryDate and -DeliveryTime), etc 

11. Sequence of CreditorSupplierParty and DebtorCustomerParty seems to have been switched from UBL 1's BuyerParty and SellerParty
     Also the name changes and keeping of optional (compared to these mandatory) parties with more similar names to UBL 1 in the Invoice
     is source of potential confusion too.

12. Still unclear distinction (from definitions) between /Invoice/cac:InvoiceLine/cac:TaxTotal/cac:TaxSubTotal/cac:TaxCategory/cbc:ID and
     /Invoice/cac:InvoiceLine/cac:TaxTotal/cac:TaxSubTotal/cac:TaxCategory/cac:TaxScheme/cbc:TaxTypeCode (suggest improving latter's definition too)

13. Having both OrderReference and a new OrderDocumentReference in OrderResponse, etc is confusing

14. Signature ABIE is very complex/large - can it be subsetted for the SBS without loosing its main functionality?

15. OrderLine in Order has ASBIEs only relevant to OrderResponse and maybe to OrderChange - couldn't these be separate ABIEs?
     In other words Order could have OrderLine ASBIE without SubstitutionStatusCode and SellerProposedLineItem, -SubstitutedLineItem, 
     etc then OrderResponse would have ABIE RespondedOrderLine which has SubstitutionStatusCode and 
     SellerProposedLineItem, -SubstitutedLineItem, etc along with an ASBIE of OrderLine.

16. Wouldn't it improve Delivery to separate out the various delivery dates to document ABIE level (outside Delivery) so that different
     documents could just include the dates relevant to them rather than including all in Delivery?

17. OrderCancellation/IssueTime needn't be mandatory (being so assumes too much about the implementation)

18. Schemas are now very 'big' (a lot more possible elements than UBL 1) and documents take a long time to validate

19. AccountingDocumentReference is huge and found where it isn't needed (e.g. because it is part of LineReference) which adds a huge size overhead
     suggestion: only include it in a new ABIE 'AccountingLineReference' (which should be added as ASBIE where needed) and not in LineReference

20. Massive change in size of BasePrice should be pointed out somewhere

21. AccountingDocumentReference should include TaxPoint and IssueDate (for CreditNote, etc) - agreed in Washington

22. AccountingDocumentLineReference does not have any LineID, etc - very little use without the like

Summary of Main Points

Too many mandatory BIEs (more so than UBL 1) and both Tax (see 12) and the proper alternative to UBL 1's 
 Party/ID all have potential to cause confusion problems in implementations


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