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Subject: UBP 2.0 definitions needing CPA templates


I just need Sacha to generate CPA templates, etc for the
ebCPA directory of an updated UBP 2.0 package. The
thing is I was able to find a way to creating definitions for
almost very 'building-block' process (the atomic, low level
processes we define as the universal business processes,
UBP, using ebBP 2.0.2). This seemed ideal since UBL
has yet to agree / vote a committee draft.

Sacha, if you would mind generating the templates, etc it
would be excellent - though perhaps beyond the call of duty
:-) since there are more than 70 process definitions !
(We include definitions which cater for documents mapped
to UBL, but using the same processes for interoperability,
which adds to the number of files.)

Please find ebBP process definitions attached (incomplete
package, hence not uploaded to the site).

I guess this is an opportunity to make any edits to the
XHTML, etc.


Sacha has been partly using XSLT to generate the templates
and we wondered, if you get any time, whether you could have
look at the stylesheets to check them out. I guess Sacha could
post them to you if you don't mind doing this.

Many thanks indeed,



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