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Subject: Re: [ubl-security] Conflicting conformance statements in UBL-XAdES-Profile-1.0-RC2.doc

At 2010-10-25 22:17 +0200, Andrea Caccia wrote:
> > So ... the point of my message today ... while reviewing our 
> UBL-XAdES-Profile-1.0-RC2.doc document, I noted a conflicting pair 
> of statements regarding conformance:
> >
> > - line 292 - "A conformant implementation of this profile MUST 
> support XAdES"
> >
> > - line 353 - "It is RECCOMENDED that XAdES extensions are implemented"
>Our final decision was to recommend XAdES, especially for its 
>enhanced security and the capability to support long term 
>verification and legal requirements (in EU and in a number of extra 
>EU countries) but we decided to not mandate it.
>Any mandatory requirement is the text is something that need to be fixed.

So noted.

> > The title of our document is "UBL Electronic Signature Profile 
> Version 1.0" which doesn't make reference to XAdES, and the 
> scaffolding and use of XML digital signatures alone will be useful 
> to communities who choose alternatives other than XAdES.
>That's the reason we agreed to remove the reference to XAdES from the title.

With "XAdES" still in the document's file name, I was confused.  I 
will also rename the file to reflect the scope appropriately.

> > I'd like to offer my assistance in the editing of the text to 
> reflect the above if we agree.
>The Security SC original duty was to prepare a profile to use XAdES 
>with UBL for the reasons stated above (security, long term 
>verification and legal requirement coverage). Please consider also 
>that XAdES is the signature format that is under standardization 
>process for business documents in ISO TC154.
>This is also stated in the first part of this SC charter:
>To create a UBL profile of XAdES to enable the advanced electronic 
>signature of UBL documents requiring special advanced legal and 
>technical requirements not available in the base XML DSIG.
>To document best practices for use of XAdES with UBL documents in 
>order to facilitate consistent UBL implementations of XAdES.
>The final resolution of this SC was to recommend XAdES and allow use 
>of base XML DSIG. Starting from this, I really appreciate if you can 
>take care of modifying the text of the document as I'm really 
>lacking time to work on it in this period.

It would be my pleasure to undertake the rewrite.  By having me write 
the new text based on my understanding of the existing content, the 
Security SC can validate I understand what is going on.  Your welcome 
support is helping me improve the free facilities I'm making 
available from our web site.

. . . . . . . . . .  Ken

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