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Subject: [ubl-ssc] UBL Software SC Minutes for Pacific 17/18 June 2004 call

> Agenda:  [Stephen will chair the meeting.]
> 1. Welcome from Chair, Roll/Membership, Minutes, Agenda
> 2. Review open AIs (see attached minutes from last week)
> 3. Review Issues list
> 4. Other business

We had a brief but interesting meeting

Those present were:
Stephen Green
Sylvia Webb
Nobuyuki Sambuichi
Shin Takagi

Sylvia chaired the meeting (1.00am for Stephen!)

Introductions were received from Nobuyuki Sambuichi and Shin Takagi from
Hitachi Systems & Services, Ltd. in Japan along with a report of their work
to implement UBL with J2EE and Web Services using WS Reliable Messaging
rather than just ebXML. (This was interesting to demonstrate the use of
UBL being independant of transport and security frameworks.) Their original
work was research but it is going beyond research, it seems, now and hopes
are that
joining the SSC will lead to feedback about any others using this approach
and at
what kinds of levels.

Many thanks to Nobuyuki Sambuichi and Shin Takagi for their encouraging
and interesting report.

The meeting ended at 00:30 UTC

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