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Subject: development process strawman


Towards the latter half of the Copenhagen F2F Stephen and I tried to 
capture a formalization of what the TC has been doing to generate our 
deliverables, and a first pass at some idea as to where EDIFIX would fit 
in.  This is very sketchy, and as I mentioned in today's TC meeting, 
without more info on EDIFIX it's hard to know where else it could fit in 
or how much of this process it might change, but I fleshed out some of 
the bullets we had noted in the F2F discussion and added some bullets 
for AIs that it seemed would fall out of this.

As I noted, though, this is just a strawman so we can have something to 
talk around in the meeting tomorrow.  We should be able to use this to 
come up with something fairly concrete, though, in terms of a proposal 
for how we can begin to move forward with new submissions to UBL, and 
our own development, in a way that is compatible with EDIFIX 
functionality without sacrificing the human aspect that we've come to 
know and love via the spreadsheets.  :)

I wrote this file out in .doc format from the OO Writer, so I hope it's 
legibile to those of you who only have MS Word.  If not, perhaps someone 
who has both OO and Word can redo the export and resend?




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