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Subject: Re: [ubl-ssc] Compare list

Hi Stephen,

I'm putting together a summary of last weeks discussions regarding EF/SS/Schema alignment.  It would be helpful (almost necessary, really, to understand our starting point) to have a list of what exact changes have been made to the SS which you sent with this email last Tuesday, from the ss that were delivered in 1.0.  David has provided such a list for the schemas (attached).  Could you provide something similar for these SS?  I've attached them here again for reference.


Stephen Green wrote:

Here is a set of spreadsheets to help with the EF/Spreadsheet work happening at the face-to-face in preparation for 1.1

These spreadsheets should be treated with care for now since they have perhaps incorrectly 'amended' attributes defined for binary udt's which are not actually how we'd wish them to be. They are just to allow roundtripping based on 1.0 as a first step toward 1.1


"David Kruppke" <dill2@gefeg.com> 11/02/04 19:30 PM >>>
Hi Stephen,

since August we have completely recastet our UBL export. So we are now able
to produce better schemas. You'll find the new schemas in the attachement.

In the attached doc file you can find all differences. There are structure
related changes (very few) and some documentation related changes. Most of
the last ones concern the <ccts:Datatype> item.

2. not so minor - the Numeric Type does not have the format attribute in the
schemas (both in cct and in udt) but it does appear in the spreadsheets>

I think the spreadsheet should be changed, because "NumericType" is defined
as simpleType and cannot have some SCs.

Best Regards



Changes to schemas from 2004-08-16.doc

minor mods to certain ubl 1-0 cd spreadsheets.zip

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