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Subject: [Fwd: Re: [ubl-ssc] Complete summary of SSC F2F discussion on EF/SS/NDR/Schemaalignment]

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Subject: Re: [ubl-ssc] Complete summary of SSC F2F discussion on EF/SS/NDR/Schema alignment
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:36:02 +0100
From: <stephen_green@seventhproject.co.uk>
To: <anne.hendry@sun.com>
CC: <stephen_green@seventhproject.co.uk>

Anne, (please forward to SSC - I've lost the ability to send since
changing email address)

Please find inline a log of the changes I made to produce the modified
spreadsheets for EF roundtripping

Note that my modified spreadsheets were *NOT* 1.0.1 or intended as
a step towards it. They were just intended as a step towards alignment
of EF and the spreadsheets to help with the EF work. The 1.0.1 decision
was made after I'd made this modified set of spreadsheets.

>1. In the SDT spreadsheet there is a trailing space in the value
>  for the codeListURI fixed attribute of the Country codelist.
>  This was carried forward into the schemas by EF and is present
>  in 1.0 schemas.
>  It would be preferrable for EF to add a feature to do general
>  trimming of white space (doesn't do this right now) and we must
>  fix the SS.
>  There was discussion of having EF replace this one trailing space
>  (in the codelistURI only), perhaps by escaping it with something
>  like '%SPACE%' in order to maintain backwards compatibility for
>  the instances.  However, the final day of the Plenary the decision
>  was to issue another CD called 1.01 with the space removed.
>  A contributing factor to this decision is that the RFC that
>  covers URIs says ALL spaces/tab/newline etc should be removed,
>  so properly constructed URIs should not have an issue with this. 
>  AI: Remove trailing space from SDT spreadsheet for 1.01
>  AI: Perhaps it should also be a 1.0 release notes matter -
>      since it effects validity of instances people should
>      know about it.  Add to 1.0 errata.
>  AI: Add space trimming in EF (for 1.01, or 1.1?)

The decision to remove the space hadn't at that point been made and I
replaced the value with
using ` as a special escaping character and thus `SPACE` as a reserved
- SpecializedDatatypes spreadsheet

>2. The Numeric Type does not have the "Format" attribute in the
>  CCT or UDT schemas, but it does appear in the spreadsheets.
>  [8.11.04 Anne: This is also the case for DateTime and Indicator.]
>  NOTE: Reintroducing format attribute to Schemas, say in 1.1,
>  would require a change from simpleType to comlexType.
>  Change for 1.01?  Will require tools and schema changes.
>  AI: Remove format attribute from spreadsheets (1.01).
>  AI: Add errata for 1.0
>  AI: Consider the impact of removing 'format' and using simple types.

I removed the format attribute from Numeric Type
- UnspecializedDatatypes spreadsheet
- CoreComponents spreadsheet

>3. Three attributes for each of the code types used in the SDT SS
>  (codeListNamespacePrefixID, codeListDescription, CodeListCredits)
>  are not represented in the schemas.
>  AI: Decide if we need attribution (and other header comment items).
>  AI: If not, remove attributes from SS for testing.
>  AI: Figure out a better way to represent these going forward (1.1).
>      EF suggests columns for these.

I removed these three rows from each of the Code/Codelists in the
spreadsheets and created two new columns 'Codelist Schema Prefix' and
'Content Definition',
transferring the data from the codeListNamespacePrefixID and
codeListDescription rows
to these columns.
- SpecializedDatatypes spreadsheet

>4. In the SDT spreadsheet, both the 'content' row and the 'name'
>  row contain the filename of a possible codelist text file in
>  the 'Values' column.  This appears as though we are asking for
>  it to be a fixed value of these (content/name) attributes.
>  This is not incorporated as such into the schemas, but since
>  it was not intended it to be used as a literal value, but rather
>  as a filename for further processing, this creates an inconsistency
>  in how the spreadsheets should be interpreted.

I removed the values from the values from the 'Name' rows in the
'Values' column for each
of the Codes in the SpecializedDatatypes spreadsheet
- SpecializedDatatypes spreadsheet

>  The SDT spreadsheet should have the codelist text file filename
>  removed from the 'name' attribute row, at least.  Schema generation
>  for the 'content' row can possibly use this value.
>  At this time, however, EF doesn't use the sdt spreadsheet at all.
>  Work is underway in GEFEG to be able to use these SDT SS values.
>  There is work to be done in improving algorithm for importing this.
>  Will be done in a couple of weeks.
>  AI: Need to align SDT SS, Codelist model and EF import functionality.
>      Need further consultation between ef and ubl to get this done.
>      Dependency on completion of Codelist model.
>5. For Unspecialized Datatype "Binary Object", and all objects based
>  on it ("GraphicType", "PictureType", "SoundType", and "VideoType")
>  the schemas are missing attributes "format" and "mimeCode".
>  Instead they have "characterSetCode".

I replaced (temporarily for this exercise) all attributes in the
Graphic, Picture,
Sound and Video Unspecialized Datatypes with just Content and 

>  Format and mimeCode are present in the corresponding spreadsheet
>  models, although filename, encodingcode, and uri are missing in
>  both udt ss and schema.
>  AI: The spreadsheets could be corrected for the alignment test,
>      but this should be sorted out for 1.1 or even 1.01.

I hope this brings the spreadsheets temporarily into line with the
structure and data
found in the UBL 1.0 cd Schemas so that the alignment of the
spreadsheets and EF
can be progressed. This, I'd stress again, is independant of work
towards any 1.0.1

All the best


>>> Anne Hendry  11/11/04 03:04:16 >>>
Hi SSC-ers,

Here is a summary of our discussions in last week's UBL F2F meetings 
around alignment of the SS models, EF capabilities and requirements, 
schemas, and NDRs.  These discussions happened over the course of the 4 
days, so were fairly in-depth.  This is the first pass summary, and some

of the summary material overlaps as it was raised from several different

angles over the course of the discussions.  After review from those who 
participated I will consolidate the overlapping areas into a more 
succinct set of conclusions, decisions, and action items.

Note that some of the decisions regarding changes to Spreadsheets or 
schemas have already been implemented.  We will review those change logs

next to make sure we have a set of new ss and ef changes for schemas 
that we are agreed on so we can do the check of round-tripping.

If you have comments on the material please include a reference to the 
section and subheading with your comments.



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