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Subject: AW: [ubl-ssc] SSC Minutes, 18 November 2004

18 November?????????????????????????

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Anne Hendry [mailto:anne.hendry@sun.com]
Gesendet: Montag, 29. November 2004 19:09
An: ubl-ssc@lists.oasis-open.org
Betreff: [ubl-ssc] SSC Minutes, 18 November 2004

The UBL Software Subcommittee will meet on 18 November 2004

The Atlantic call will occur at 17H00 - 18H00 UTC :

 09h00 - 10h00 Thursday San Francisco
 12h00 - 13h00 Thursday Washington
 17h00 - 18h00 Thursday London
 1h00 - 2h00   Friday Singapore


** The Pacific call will not be held this week. **

U.S. domestic toll-free number: (866)839-8145
Int. access/caller paid number: (865)524-6352
Access code: 5705229

Attendees: Stephen Green, Anne Hendry, Sylvia Webb.


0. Time Change.

   To accomodate DayLightSavings time changes we will
    - leave the US/UK times the same for Atlantic call.
    - leave Asia time the same for the Pacific call.

   HISC has moved their time to evening.

1. Continued review of AIs from EF/SS alignment.

   Goal: For EF/SS alignment, change ss only to get to current schemas.
         (Later, for 1.1, we will change both.)

   First test: Take Stephen's changed spreadsheets (from 2 November)
               and generate schemas with EF.  Stephen will test the
               backward compatibility of instances generated with
               those schemas against the 1.0 schemas.  Also take
               instances from 1.0 schemas and test against these
               new schemas.

   Some changes made to EF between 1.0 and now may need to be rolled
   back to accomplish the above test.  Syliva will talk to David about
   this plan.  We will need to be clear in the future to distinguish
   between when we are just discussing proposed changes to EF vs.
   when we have finalized agreement on changes, so that David knows
   clearly what he should act on.

   David should take Stephen's spreadsheets (the ones sent on 2 November)
   and try to create schemas from those with an EF that either has not
   been modified from 1.0, or at the very most has only been slightly
   modified and those modifications don't create any backward
   incompatibility with 1.0 schemas.  This is solely for the alignment
   testing.  These ss and schemas will not be used for 1.1.  They are
   solely for the excercise of discovering where EF (or the SS) might
   need to be updated to achieve alignment.

   All communication about changes to SS and schemas and alignment test
   should be sent to the SSC list.

   Changes made to Spreadsheets for alignment testing:
   (See http://oasis-open.org/archives/ubl-ssc/200411/msg00009.html)

     - Replaced CodeListURI trailing space with special SPACE character.
     - EF alignment: Removed 'format' attribute from UDT/CCT NumericType.
     + EF alignment: Removed UBL-specific codelist attributes
                     (prefixid, desc, credits) from the SDT SS and put
                     these values in two new columns at the end named
                     'Code List Schema Prefix' and 'Content Definition'.
                     'Credits' information was not kept.
     + EF alignment: Remove value from 'value' column of 'name' row(s)
in SDT.
     + EF alignment: Updated UDT SS BinaryObject secondary representation
                     terms to only have 'Content' and characterSetCode'.

   Still to be done to SS for alignment testing?
     + EF alignment: Remove trailing space from SDT spreadsheet CodeListURI.
     + EF alignment: Change CCT/UDT/SDT spreadsheets to use 'Content' value.

   Other AIs from F2F (not discussed in today's call):

     + EF alignment: Complete SDT import functionality.
     + EF alignment: David explain how the names for CCs and SCs
                     for secondary RTs are currently generated by EF.

     + 1.0.1: Remove trailing space from SDT spreadsheet.
     + 1.0.1: Add white space trimming in EF.
     + 1.0.1: Remove format attribute from spreadsheet NumericType.

     + 1.1: EF suggest other way to model secondary RTs.
     + 1.1: Change CCT and UDT spreadsheet to use 'Content' value.
     + 1.1: Fix order of the supplementary components in CCT/UDT/SDT
            for "Code. Type" and "Identifier. Type"in SS.
            [Also, neither schema nor ss are in CCTS order for
     + 1.1: Find out if EF can preserve extra ss information (columns, etc).
     + 1.1: Decide if we need UBL-specific code list attributes (eg.
            codeListNamespacePrefixID, codeListDescription, CodeListCredits)
     + 1.1: Figure out a better way to represent additional CodeList
            attributes.  EF suggests columns for these.
     + 1.1: Need to align SDT SS, Codelist model and EF import ability.
            Dependency on completion of Codelist model.
     + 1.1: GEFEG provide list of the columns from the TBG17 SS they want
            to see in the UBL SS.
     + 1.1: Review schema format (GSX1).
     + 1.1: Update schemas for GSX1.
     + 1.1: Resolve gaps in CCTS for naming requirements for SS/EF.
     + 1.1: ELN4 conformance - Check that SS/EF follow rule
     + 1.1: DOC3 conformance
     + 1.1: respond to Mark's comment on ATN1.
     + 1.1: Check validity of SSM10 rule w.r.t UBL implementation.
            (NDR issue #10)

   Sylvia will discuss these decisions with David.  GEFEG has to maintain
   EF for other customers so may not be able to make UBL-requested changes
   in it's generic product.

2. Code Lists

   Sylvia was to provide Tony with EF data model info for code lists.
   Sylvia will follow up next week.

3. When to address who needs copies of EF, training, etc?
   Need to put on agenda again for end of year.
   If only minor issues with ndr, that can be finished at next f2f,
   and then 1.1 development will progress from there, so we'll need
   training by then.

4. Other Business
   No meeting next week as it is Thanksgiving holiday in the US.

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