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Subject: Re: [ubl-ssc] ssc meeting this week?


It appears we still have a meeting time decision to make before we meet again.
We also should wait for David's next delivery.

So, going back over the email discussion on meeting times, I have the following available times on Thursdays:

Stephen: no earlier than 6:30 pm London (10:30 am PT).

Tony:  no later than 6:30pm London time (5:30pm UTC, 1:30pm US EST, 10:30am US PST)

Sylvia: 10:30 PDT ok 2x/week; also M or Tu 10:30 am PDT

Tony, can you clarify if the 'no later than' 6:30 pm London time is for the start of the meeting, or the end of the meeting?

If it's the end, then could everyone state whether they have more latitude on days other than Thursday to make it earlier/later?

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From: Anne Hendry [mailto:Anne.Hendry@Sun.COM] 
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Subject: [ubl-ssc] ssc meeting this week?


Until the code list rules are finalized, do we have anything new to discuss?
I do have some questions about the atg2 schemas, but not enough to fill a
Let me know if there is anything else, though, and I'll send out agenda.
It might be good just to touch base after all that's gone on at the F2F.



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