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Subject: No SSC meeting this week; email discussion of qa process

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for your time updates.  I'll put together a matrix and send out.  Stephen, please let me know if you ahve any updates on your availability.  It looks to me like we'll be  moving the time.  Sylvia, is David available Mon or Tuesdays?

So no phone meeting this week.

Let's start off the QA Process discussion, then.

Sylvia, can you explain, for starters, what you mean by 'QA process'  - it could be broad in scope, but I assume you mean related specifically to the transfer of ss into edifix?


Sylvia Webb wrote:
I have this conflict the first Tuesday of each month.  I also have a 10 AM meeting on Thursdays. This may disappear  in October.
I think starting via email is good. Maybe we won't have to have a conference call for the next week at least. I'll try to put some thoughts together later today.

From: Anne Hendry [mailto:Anne.Hendry@Sun.COM]
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 1:58 PM
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Subject: Re: [ubl-ssc] ssc agenda items and meeting times [was Re: unavailable this week]

Hi Sylvia,

Is the qa strategy discussion one we can get started now in email?

We haven't agreed on a new time yet, as per below.  Until we do I'm not keen on continuing to set it at a time when one or more people can't join.  Could you respond with any updates to your available times based on my question below, and I'll continue to work on setting a new meeting time.


Sylvia Webb wrote:

I have a conflicting meeting tomorrow from 8 AM to 9:30 AM.  We do need to
discuss a strategy for QA. Specifically, after Betty generates the
spreadsheets and schema from EF, when, who, what, and how will the work be

What time is tomorrows meeting?


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From: Anne Hendry [mailto:Anne.Hendry@Sun.COM] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 12:10 PM
To: ubl-ssc@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Stephen Green
Subject: [ubl-ssc] ssc agenda items and meeting times [was Re: unavailable
this week]


Stephen is unavailable for this week's ssc call.  Does anyone else have 
agenda items?   If not, we can continue to work on selecting a better 
meeting time.  Going back to the discussion on time changes,

Stephen Green wrote:

If we made it 5.30pm start I could probably make most weeks but I might 
sometimes be about 15mins late. Any day of the week is about the same 
for me.

Tony, based on what you stated below, this seems like it might work better
for you, but is another day of the week even better?  I think Sylvia
mentioned availability on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:30 (but now we're
talking 9:30 am, not 10:30).

If the meeting starts before 6:30pm, I'm in the office, and I need to  
leave by 6:30pm so I can get home in time to put my son to bed.   
Otherwise, I could probably do it at 9pm UK time (10pm Berlin, 8pm 
UTC,  4pm NY, 12pm LA).  In truth, that late Thursday afternoon slot 
is one  where I have a telecon clash anyway, so it is always going to 
be tricky  for me.

Perhaps if everyone sends me their availalbe (or non-available, whichever is
shortest) times, I can put together a  matrix that will help us make a
decision on a better meeting time.

Sylvia, you did mention David's Thursday availability, as well as noon PST
Monday and Wedensday.  Is that still the case?



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