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Subject: Draft Minutes of Transport Subcommittee Call 5 October 2005

Please review the minutes and notify me of any additions or corrections. We will approve them at the next SC meeting.



1500-1615 (Singapore time) WEDNESDAY 05 OCTOBER 2005




   Mike Onder - Team Leader Freight Technology & Operations (USDOT-Federal Highway Administration)

   Andy Schoka - Information Systems Engineer (US)

   Tim McGrath (UBL TC)

   Ng Siew Wai (CECID)

   Thomas Lee (CECID)

   Jern-Kuan, Leong (CrimsonLogic)

   Grace Ng (CrimsonLogic)


1.       Warm welcome to the attendance and participation of Mike and Andy in this tele-con call despite of the inconvenient time zone for the call.


2.       Transport Process document:


(a)    Main concern is the timing / schedule to introduce the 3 additional documents (Packing List, Freight Charges & Transport Instruction).


(b)    It was suggested to document the complete Transport business process as model in the Transport Process document.  In the document, to state which documents will be covered in the current UBL2.0 release and next phase.  “Complete” transport process would refer to trading documents from ‘Consignor’ to ‘Consignee’.


3.       Transport Data Model:


(a)    The critical path is to get the Transport data model completed showing the class diagram to describe the high level view with the respective properties within each class component before getting the spreadsheet done.  (UML style).


(b)    Tim updated that he had spoken with Peter Stook on having more involvement of DTTN personnel (e.g. Ralph) in UBL-TSC.  Ralph’s participation had been limited as DTTN are in the implementation phase of their work.  He’s contribution is vital to the progress of the Transport data model.  Thomas to assist in obtaining DTTN’s contribution.


4.       UBL Timelines:

(a)      UBL-TSC to work towards signing-off the Transport Data Model by 19 Oct 2005.

(b)      The critical path is to get the Transport Data Model done up, prior to the completeness of the Transport Process document.


5.       Digital Signature:

(a)      Sought the comments from CrimsonLogic on the queries and comments by Stephen Green and Peter L. Borresen.

(b)      From there, we would need a “yes/no” to be included into the coming UBL2.0 release in Nov 2005.

(c)       Suggested to introduce digital signature to UBL2.0 according to how it is done in COML.  Leaving comments during the public review stage.


6.       Mike Onder gave an introduction on his background of working with the Electronic Freight Manifest (EFM).

(a)      EFM uses the ‘Intelligent Transportation System’ (ITS), a intergration/management transportation system.  Manages freight movement.

(b)      Business relations with “Limited Brand”, a Just-In-Time (JIT) system, as well as with ‘International Air Transport Association’ (IATA).

(c)       In the process of finding dataset for Proof of Concept.

(d)      Mke would like to make use of workdone by UNCEFECT-TBG3 standards for EFM for data exchange between partners.

(e)      Works closely with working group in ISO.


7.       Discuss the USDOT & TBG3 participation in TSC work

(a)      Mike shared on an interest to collaborate with TBG3 with the EFM requirements.

(b)      To have the opportunity to work with TBG3 & UBL during the face to face meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia.

(c)       EFM is in detailed design currently and looks forward to be able to use the dataset by March 2006.

(d)      Due to time constraint and schedule for UBL2.0 release, Tim suggested that it’ll be a good time for EFM to use the public review period (8 weeks) to comment on the UBL2.0.  With the comments, depending on the gap difference between requirement of EFM and what’s release in UBL2.0, decisions may be made to either include in UBL2.0 or for post UBL2.0.


8.       AOB:

(a)    Time zone of conference call:  Tim expected more European involvement, thus the timing of calls to be 3pm, SGT.  However, since we’re getting US participants (from Mike and Andy), tele-con time may need to consider a more pacific friendly time-zone.  Having said that, Tim suggested that for the time being, we’ll stay on the current 3pm SGT timezone.  If there’s a need for US contribution on a specific issue, a separate tele-con may be arranged.


(b)    Tim is planning a day visit to SG on 20th Oct to spend some time with CrimsonLogic to have a face to face meeting to speed up work done for Transportation data model.  Suggested Thomas and Ralph to visit SG and join in to the face to face meeting.   Thomas will reply on his availability soon.


(c)     Mike displayed interested in a collaboration with DTTN.  Thomas to send some info to Mike for better appreciation of their work done.


9.       Next meeting will be held on Wed 12 Oct 2005, 3pm SGT.





1.       Thomas will get amendments on Process doc done by this week, with a complete flow of Delivery process.

2.       Thomas to reply Tim on whether meeting in SG on 20th Oct is ok.

3.       CrimsonLogic to provide a reply the email from Stephen Green and Peter L. Borresen on digital signature.




Kamarudin Tambi

Chair, Transport SubCommittee



DID: 65 – 6887 7516

Fax: 65 – 6778 5277


CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd

(Regn No: 198800784N)

formerly known as Singapore Network Services

31 Science Park Road, The Crimson, Singapore 117611

Main Tel: 65 - 6887 7888 

Main Fax: 65 - 6778 5277

Visit us at www.crimsonlogic.com

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