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Subject: Draft Minutes of Transport Subcommittee Call 12 October 2005

Please review the minutes and notify me of any additions or corrections. We will approve them at the next SC meeting.




1500-1535 (Singapore time) WEDNESDAY 12 OCTOBER 2005




   Kama (UBL-TSC Chairperson, CrimsonLogic)

   Andy Schoka - Information Systems Engineer (US) 

   Thomas Lee (CECID) 

   Ng Chi Yuen (CECID)

   Jern-Kuan, Leong (CrimsonLogic)

   Grace Ng (CrimsonLogic)





1.       Transport Data Model discussion:


a.       It was highlighted that the attributes names were taken from the UBL1.0 library.


b.       The Transport data model should strictly represent Transport Core Components.


c.       To remove “Certificate of Origin” component from the Transport core component, and to draw a separate data model for Certificate of Origin doc.  Likewise for the other 3 trade documents (‘Forwarding Instruction’, ‘Bill of Lading’ and ‘Waybill’), a separate data model will be prepared and link with Transport core components.


d.       “GoodsItem” component is missing some more attributes.  To amend to include the full list of attributes according to the COML latest data model.


e.       To rename ‘Delivery’ component back to ‘Arrival’ as there is a component with the same name (“Delivery”) in UBL 1.0.  


f.        To take note on the naming standard and convention of the way the data model is prepared in terms of how attributes and symbols are being described


g.       Digital Signature is dependent on business processes.  Thus, it is not too appropriate to include it within the Transport data model, and to leave it declared at the business document level e.g. Certificate of Origin data model level.


2.       Next meeting will be a full day face-to-face meeting at CrimsonLogic Singapore premises, on the 20th October 2005, to speed up work to be done to meet the timeline for UBL2.0.  There will be no tele-conference call during this time.  The agenda for next meeting on 20th Oct 2005 will be sent to subcommittee in a separate email.



Action Items:


1.       Tim to comment on how to present the complete Transport process model in the Process document, together with the assistance of Thomas & CY.


2.       Thomas to work out schedule with CY on the visit to Singapore for a face-to-face meeting at CrimsonLogic premise on the 20th Oct.  Thomas to reply Kama by 13th Oct.  In addition, Thomas will liase with DTTN to see if a representative from DTTN can also attend this meeting in Singapore which will help to get the work going.


3.       Kama to send to Thomas/CY the latest COML data model.


4.       Thomas/CY to update the Transport data model according to the changes mentioned above  and to contact Ralph (DTTN) to get details on the attribute on classes from DTTN(Transport Means, Transport Service, Container Line Item)  


5.       CrimsonLogic to prepare Certificate of Origin data model in conjunction with Transport data model.


6.       Thomas to contact and work with Ralph (DTTN) to prepare the document data model for the 3 trade docs (‘Forwarding Instruction’, ‘Bill of Lading’ and ‘Waybill’), in conjunction with Transport data model as well. 


7.    Tim to comment on the decision for changing delivery component to arrival component.



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