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Subject: Meeting minutes of 8 Dec 2005 UBL Transport Subcommittee


Please add any items worthy of note that may have slipped by my limited comprehension.



1000 - 1200 (Singapore time) Thursday 08 December 2005




Tim McGrath (UBL Vice Chair)

Andrew Schoka (Information Systems Engineer (US))

Ng Chi Yuen (CECID)

Jern-Kuan, Leong (CrimsonLogic)




  1. What should be the data type for a Name attribute? Text or Name?  For example, in the case of Goods Item should it be of type text to be the same as the Item name? TM remarked that there is some inconsistency across UBL which needs to be addressed. There is also the question of cardinality of attributes; should all attributes have a cardinality of 1 or 0..1 ? A decision should be applicable over all the UBL work; therefore a topic of discussion on the UBL TC telecons.
  2. Document spreadsheets and related model diagrams (Freight Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, Forwarding Instruction, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Origin Application) were reviewed and updated for the following aspects: Number of attributes matched, number of associations matched, names of attributes and associations matched, cardinality checked, Version checked as 2.0. TM remarked that PSC has a template for the sequence of attributes and their names which should be used for all documents. Directionality of arrows needs to be updated and made aggregates.
  3. Regarding FI, TM asserted that there should be one invoice for one shipment and one delivery. Document reference was expanded as associations for each kind of reference. Party was reworked to introduce customer and supplier.
  4. Regarding PL, there should be one packing list per shipment.
  5. References to UN/TDED are still needed in the spreadsheets. TM could do this as part of the consolidation process.
  6. Signature is still a work in progress. Refer to TM email regarding proposal on attachments. TSC is proposing an implementation based on a W3C stereotype package.
  7. Next step is to merge the spreadsheets with the rest of the UBL 2.0 Library. Goal is to distribute a consolidated spreadsheet by this time next week. Plan is to complete as much as possible by 23 December to allow a TSC “sanity check” to take place over the following week. Intent is to assemble a package for submission to OASIS in first week of January.
  8. Next TSC meeting should focus on the process models and the UML diagrams.


  1. TM to present Name data type issue on UBL telecom.
  2. TM to add TDED references to document spreadsheets during consolidation.

Next Meeting Schedule :

Use WebEx for web conference for purpose of sharing of screen to facilitate modification to data model and spreadsheet immediately. Please sent your email address to me if you are interested to participate in the WebEx sharing session during the next scheduled teleconference. So that we would be able to assign IDs to all parties.


12 December 2005 SGT 1000

Telephone          : +65 67844333

Conference Code :  800324



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