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Subject: RE: [ubl-tsc]Meeting minutes for 19/12/2005

TSC participants,


In response to the action item, I attach a first cut at three use case descriptions that we may want to consider including in the process document. The format of the description was one that has evolved over time to capture various items for completeness in describing a use case. More could be done but that could be addressed during the public review period. (ISO CD24533 has some more extensive elaborations which we may also want to consider.)






From: Jern Kuan, Leong [mailto:jernkuan@crimsonlogic.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 8:30 PM
To: ubl-tsc@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ubl-tsc]Meeting minutes for 19/12/2005


Important : Please sent your email address to me if you are interested to participate in the WebEx sharing session during the next scheduled teleconference. So that we would be able to assign IDs to all parties.



1000 - 1200 (Singapore time) Monday 19 December 2005




    Kama (UBL-TSC Chairperson, CrimsonLogic)

Tim McGrath (UBL Vice Chair)

Ng Chi Yuen (CECID)

Andrew Schoka (Information Systems Engineer USDOT)

David (Information Systems Engineer USDOT)

Jern-Kuan, Leong (CrimsonLogic)




1.       Name for process document to be changed for Extended transport process. Extended to be removed.

2.       Additional of US DOT in the background section.

3.       References for UNeDocs to be added

4.       Combine use case diagram to be added into process document under section 2.1

5.       Certificate of origin of goods title to be changed for heading, EAP diagram to change to amend application, reject application, query application, receive COO

6.       Section 2.3 changed to section 3

7.       Andy commented that the use case can be probably enhanced to elaborate it to be more comprehensive. It would be similar to the 24533 submission submitted. Andy will look into whether he would be able to elaborate the use case diagram.

8.       Synchronization of definition between excel file and the process document to be double checked.

9.       Authorised issuer instead of authorised organisation used in COO.

10.   Operator party to be removed from transport equipment class. CY will try to clarify with Ralph whether it is still necessary.


1.       Tim to add reference link for UNeDocs.

2.       Andy to see whether he can help to elaborate the use case diagram.

3.       CY to clarify on operator party with Ralph.

4.    Kama to send updated EFM excel sheet to USDOT

Next Meeting Schedule :


22 December 2005 SGT 1000

Telephone          : +65 67844333

Conference Code :  800324 



Leong Jern-Kuan
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Trade & Logistics
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UCD Initiate Transport Services.doc

UCD Cert of Origin.doc

UCD Freight Billing.doc

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