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Subject: Minutes for UBL-Transport Subcommittee Meeting 22 Dec 2005 TSC


1000 - 1100 (Singapore time) Thursday 22 December 2005




    Kama (UBL-TSC Chairperson, CrimsonLogic)

Ng Chi Yuen (CECID)

Jern-Kuan, Leong (CrimsonLogic)

David Fitzpatrick (Information Systems Engineer USDOT)

Andrew Schoka (Information Systems Engineer USDOT)



1.       Changes made to the process document since last meeting were reviewed and other wording changes were made during the course of discussion.

2.      In the Background section US Department of Transportation was added. A question arose regarding the use of embedded hyperlinks within the Background section.  CY to check with TM(?)

3.       A combined Use Case diagram was added to the document presenting an overview of how transport processes relate to the other processes, such as procurement.

4.       The three transport processes were reviewed and descriptions/graphics were harmonized. EAP diagram will be further updated to reflect change to “amend application”, “reject application”, “query application”, receive COO”. Use case descriptions presented in a structured format were discussed and will be added to the document.

5.    Kama suggested that domain specialists, for example DTTN participants, validate the Use Case Descriptions, in particular  Freight Billing.

5.       CY confirmed that Operator Party (within Transport Equipment) was not needed. The EAP diagram will be updated accordingly.

6.       Kama reported that he forwarded an updated EFM spreadsheet to USDOT identifying where UBL 2.0 messages might support US DOT’s project. DF thanked Kama for his review and invited the TSC to collaborate on test data requirements for the EFM demonstration test recently approved by USDOT. Specifics of the collaboration remain to be formulated for discussions early next year.

7. This is the last meeting of the TSC for the remainder of the year. Future meetings will be dictated by need for follow up on particular items.


1.      CY to check with TM on embedding hyperlinks.

2.     Kama to seek domain expertise to review/supplement Use Case descriptions.

3.      Kama to collaborate with TM to determine date/time of next meeting

Next Meeting Schedule :

 Date: to be determined

Telephone: +65 67844333

Conference Code :  800324 



Andy Schoka


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