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Subject: Minutes of Meeting on 16 Feb 2006

Hi all,

Pls find below mom for the last concall.



1000 – 1100 (SGT) Thursday Feb 16,2006





Tim McGrath (UBL Vice Chair)

Kama (UBL TSC Chair)

Andy Schoka (Information Systems Engineer)

Li Liaun (CrimsonLogic)

Eric Tesoro (CrimsonLogic)


  1. Review for the Transport document use cases

-         Li Liaun discussed about the changes/additions for the Initiate Transport Services use case and the Bill for Freight use case

-         Changes on the document were made as per comment and review of the different participant on the telecom

-         Tim to get feedback/comments about the use case from Ralph of HK


  1. Review comments from UN/CEFACT TBG3

-         Main comment of TBG3 on Transport Services standards is that it covers mainly the maritime transport mode.

-         Its is agreed that most of comments by TBG3 would be addressed if better descriptions on the diagram were made

-         Kama mentioned that the once all use cases have been done, it can also clarify or clear out some of the comments by TBG3

-         TBG3 has offered to help UBL TSC to extend its work to cover multimodal transport

-         Kama to ask the TBG3 chair for the TBG3 submission document to be used as reference by UBL group

-         Tim to look at the alignment with existing EDIFACT standard code list in UNCL

-         Tim to look at the UBL work compliance with ebXML Core Component Library


  1. AOB

      -    Tim suggested that to ensure consistency between Procurement and Transport Services data model, the groups need to exchange documents so each can review and compare and improve on the current model they have


Next meeting

23rd February, 1000 SGT.




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