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Subject: No TSC Concall meeting this week

Dear all,

I’ll be in Frankfurt from tomorrow till end of the week and Tim won’t be back until this Friday. Hence, we’ll call off this week’s concall. We’ll resume next Thursday (30/03) at 10am SGT.


In the meantime, I like us to work on the following:-


  1. Clarification of UBL DOT list.

In my response, I’ve asked for further clarification. Perhaps Dave can provide us with the required clarification and send us the Excel file.


  1. Transport Status message

We’ve last Thursday discussed that we should work collaboratively on this. We need to review the RosettaNet Transport Shipment Status message, DTTN Transport Shipment Status and looked at TBG3’s submission to TBG17. In that Excel file, it contains the Status core component.


  1. Sample XML file

We need to work on the sample xml file for the 6 documents we have developed. Ralph, see if you can generate the sample file for BL,WayBill & Forwarding Instruction. CrimsonLogic will generate the CoO, Packing List & Freight Invoice.


  1. Transport Issue List

Tim, I still don’t have a complete list of issues relating to Transport. Pls see if you can send it to this list, so that we can start looking at them and work out resolution.


From now till next Thursday, lets work on the above items and send it to this list. We have only 5-6 weeks before preparation for schema generation for CD2 starts.






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