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Subject: Minutes of Meeting - Thursday, 6 April 2006 Concall

Title: Minutes of Meeting - Thursday, 6 April 2006 Concall

Hi all,
Pls find below the MOM for last Thursday’s concall.


1000 – 1200 SGT, Thursday, 6 April 2006


Kama          - UBL TSC Chair
Tim McGrath   - UBL TC Vice-Chair
Andrew Schoka - UBL TSC member
Mike Onder    - US DOT
Eric Tesoro   - UBL TSC member

Item Discussed

1. Status Message
- Andy updated that Dave's team is currently studying the status message information requirement and will attend the next meeting
- In reference's to TBG3 draft International Forwarding and Transport BRS, Tim mentioned that TSC's focus is on the transport ordering process and does not cover the movement of goods process.
- In reference's to the information model found in the BRS, Tim mentioned that TBG1/TBG3 uses the term Product whereas UBL uses the term Item, which is a generalization of Product.
- The RosettaNet flow covers the request and response message. The UBL status information model may need to cover both.
- The TBG3 Status component found in the candidate core component was looked at. There are differences found when compared with the UN/CEFACT UBL CCL version 1.0.

2. Issues List
- Tim mentioned that there is now a master copy of the issues list, which is in Excel format and that Peter is managing it.
- The TSC group need to extract those issues relating to TSC
- The issues need to be looked at and addressed within 3-weeks 

3. Others
- Tim mentioned that in the last MOM, the finalized UN/CEFACT and UBL agreement text will be tabled at the next UN/CEFACT Plenary meeting in Geneva in May 06, and not at the next UN/CEFACT Forum meeting in New Delhi.

Action Item
1. Tim to send the comparison between the Status component found in TBG3 candidate core component and UN/CEFACT CCL version 1.0
2. Kama to extract the issues relating to TSC
3. Dave's team will join in the next TSC and discuss the information requirement for the Status message.


Kamarudin Bin Tambi


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