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Subject: Re: [ubl-tsc] Minutes of Meeting - Thursday, 5 October 2006

i started this diagram a while back and it defines the roles of parties used the in the sample documents.  maybe we can incorporate this into Andy's document?

Andrew Schoka wrote:



In response to the Action Item:


-        Andy to work on the draft for the overall business process for the sample documents


I have reviewed the Danish scenario material and have extracted a format and some initial material for a Basic Transport Scenario. It uses the Extended Process Sample V2 graphic that Tim developed as the basis of identifying processes and documents. I am posting this early draft outline as a possible discussion topic for Thursday’s TSC Telecon.



Andy Schoka



From: Kama, Kamarudin Bin Tambi [mailto:kama@crimsonlogic.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2006 5:21 AM
To: ubl-tsc@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Eric Tesoro; Michael.Onder@dot.gov; ralph.ho@tradelink.com.hk
Subject: [ubl-tsc] Minutes of Meeting - Thursday, 5 October 2006


Hi all,

Pls find below the MOM for the last concall.




1000 – 1200 SGT, Thursday, 5 October 2006



Kama              - UBL TSC Chair

Tim Mcgrath                  - UBL TC Vice-Chair

Andrew Schoka     - UBL TSC member

Dave FitzPatrick  - UBL TSC member

Michael Onder               - US DOT


Item Discussed


1. Status of PRD3 package

- Tim updated that the package is complete and that it’ll go to TC vote for one week.


2. Sample documents

- Tim mentioned there is a need to describe the overall business process for the sample documents

- This will include the organization’s name, the role played by the organization like importer/exporter, who the parties are and what products are purchased

- We can make reference to the Danish example

- Andy will look at the Danish example

- The overall business process, including diagrams and sample instances will be packaged into a document and will be part of the supplementary package

- Dave updated that the EFM team had created some sample document instance


3. Supplementary package

- Tim mentioned that the stylesheet for the sample will be done during the Singapore plenary meeting

- The HISC provides the map between UNLK and UBL samples

- Andy mentioned that he could not find the transport status in UNLK and that he needed start from scratch

- Tim mentioned that there is a standard template in UNLK which can be used as the basis for any new document


4. UBL Plenary in Singapore

- Kama updated that he had sent to Jon and Tim the Singapore plenary event information document

- Tim would forward it to our Japanese counterpart


5. UBL International Symposium

- Tim updated that the UBL International Symposium will be held on 16 November 2006.

- Complementing the event will be a series of lecture courses for those who wanted to have an in-depth understanding of UBL. The lecture courses will be conducted by Ken Holman and Tim McGrath

- It might be possible to arrange a speaking slot for EFM representative to speak about their project


6. UNCEFACT related activities

- Andy updated that there is some positive development on the collaboration work between UBL PSC and UN/CEFACT TBG1

- However, certain member(s) of UNCEFACT appears unclear about the formal agreement between OASIS and UN/CEFACT

- Some UNCEFACT members seems to suggest that UBL is not conformant to CCTS

- Tim reiterated that there is no doubt about the agreement and that UN/CEFACT plenary is fully aware of the agreement between the two organizations to jointly develop a common set of e-business documents. It could probably be a case of miscommunication between UN/CEFACT Plenary and Forum

- Tim updated that UBL is the first implementation of CCTS and there is no doubt about it being conformant to CCTS


7. TBG3 Barcelona meeting

- The TBG3 had issued Resolution 3 in regards to its cooperation with UBL TSC on UBL release 2.0

- Due to financing difficulties, no one from TSC is able to attend the Barcelona meeting

- As it is, there don’t seem to have a common purpose and it was necessary to identify or work out a collaboration project between TBG3 and TSC

- The meeting agreed to use the UBL Transport Status document as a potential candidate. Together with the EFM customization work, this can form the basis for the collaboration project to work further and make it a UN/CEFACT document

- The meeting agreed to draft a statement of response to Resolution 3 and send to TBG3 chair/vice-chair


Action Item

- To draft a statement of response, Kama to send to TBG3 chair/vice-chair

- Andy to work on the draft for the overall business process for the sample documents




Kamarudin Bin Tambi





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Makes better sense


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