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Subject: RE: [ubl-tsc] Minutes of Meeting - Thursday, 5 April 2007

Hi all,

Pls find below the MOM for the last concall.




1900 – 2030 SGT, Thursday, 5 April 2007



Kama, Andrew Schoka, Tim Mcgrath


Item Discussed


1. UNCEFACT Forum Meeting Update

- Tim had sent out a brief note on the recent UNCEFACT Forum meeting

- He had two meetings with TBG3 to try and work out the collaboration plan and work out the appropriate strategy

- TBG3 vice-chair updated Tim that the high-level information modeling task is completed

- TBG3’s approach is to develop the master document, and subsequently build specific individual document based on the master document

- Tim had proposed for the Transport Status message. TBG3 agreed to put this in the agenda item for the July ’07 TBG3 interim meeting

- Tim mentioned that he had received a good comment during his presentation. A representative from TBG14 mentioned that UBL has a good process model and plan to take portions of it in their modeling work.

- Tim updated that there appears to be some restructuring of the UNeDocs project. All modeling work has been moved to the respective business domain TBGs.

- Tim updated that TBG19 has initiated a cross domain project involving TBG6, TBG1 and CEN/ISSS/ePPe workshop. The UBL library fits nicely into this project.



2. Core Component Library

- Tim updated that the joint TBG2/TBG3 submission is likely to be approved in May ’07.

- The UBL candidate core components should get technical approval and on queue in April ’07.


3. TBG3 accessing UBL material

- Tim had spoken to Jamie Clark about UN/CEFACT members having access to UBL material.

- It is noted that there has been a precedent, in the ebBP work, UNCEFACT members have been granted complimentary membership


4. AOB

- Tim suggested that we add a ‘Collaboration with TBG3’ as a regular agenda item

-        Kama updated that for the TradeXchange project, one of the Value Added System (VAS) provider has inititated a project called CourierXchange and ShipperXchange and that they have selected UBL for their document exchange. UBL documents like Despatch Advice and Freight Invoice will be used, with customization to meet the project’s requirements.

-        Tim updated that he had on a few occasion been invited by Austraian government agency to talk on UBL


Action Item

-        Andy to connect with the TBG14 rep for any possible collaboration regarding the BITs work




Kamarudin Bin Tambi





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