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Subject: Meeting 8 May 2007 Report to TSC

TSC members,


During the week of 7-11 May 2007 the OASIS UBL TC held a face to face meeting in New York City. As part of that meeting agenda there was a scheduled breakout session for Transportation on Tuesday, 8 May 2007. Participants included Jon Bosak – Sun Microsystems (p/t), Ken Holman – Crane Softwrights, Flemming Moller Hansen (FMH) – Progrator, Klaus Vilstrup Pedersen (KVP) – National IT and Telecom Agency, Denmark, Mike Onder (MO) – USDOT (phone), and Andy Schoka (AS) – USDOT consultant. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information regarding Danish Transport information requirements and how UBL 2.0 may be considered in addressing them. An additional purpose was to present background and current information concerning the USDOT Electronic Freight Management (EFM) program.


As both FMH and KVP were unfamiliar with the UBL TC and its Transportation Subcommittee (TSC), AS presented summary material reviewing the background and composition of the TSC. He then gave an overview of the UBL 2.0 package with a focus on the Transport components. FMH followed with an overview of the Danish Transport XML project including a mission statement, message requirements, resources already considered, and current status. (Briefing attached). FMH also shared a spreadsheet of information entities required by Danish Transport. This consists of approximately 450 ASCs, BCCs, and ASCCs which would be used in constructing the necessary messages. (Danish Transport_requirements.xls attached). As a way forward, FMH and KVP were invited to join the TSC to hold a dialogue to explore the relationship between Danish Transport requirements and UBL 2.0 components including available information entities in the UBL Transport Library as well as currently existing UBL Transport messages. The TSC meets regularly via telecom on Thursdays (7pm Singapore time) chaired by Kama Kamarudin (KK) of Crimson Logic. (This would be midday in Europe and early morning in USA).


AS proposed that a small scale analysis be undertaken by the TSC where the Danish Transport requirements for one ACC, specifically Transport Equipment, may be reviewed against available information items in the UBL Transport library. A review of the names and definitions within the Danish Transport Equipment ACC compared to UBL could indicate the degree to which UBL already satisfies Danish requirements.(Danish Transport Equipment requirements attached).  As the analysis proceeds, any clarifications could be obtained through FMH and KVP’s participation in the TSC telecons. It was proposed that a first telecom to include discussion of this analysis be held on 7 June 2007.(KK would have to add this item to the TSC agenda and subsequently issue it.) Work on this analysis should precede the proposed first telecom and could be conducted via email or earlier telecons.


FMH and KVP advised that they will be meeting with their group on 21 May 2007 and will debrief them on the discussions in NYC. Following that meeting they will offer feedback to the TSC on the proposed way forward.


I would be happy to provide any clarification or further information regarding this report.



Respectfully submitted,


Andy Schoka


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Danish Transport_requirements.xls

Danish Transport Equipment_requirements.xls

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