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Subject: Input needed on UBL SBS and UBL business rules

Hello UBL PSC and TSC,

At its meeting in Manhattan last month, the UBL TC assigned the
following action items:

   ACTION: PSC and TSC to provide feedback on UBL 2.0 SBS 2.0:


   ACTION: PSC and TSC to summarize business rules that are (1)
   wanted in UBL but not allowed by [i.e., capable of being
   addressed by] the NDR (e.g., requirement to include one of
   PartyName and PartyIdentifier but not both) and (2) data items
   whose constraints are inherited from another standard (e.g.,
   lengths of data items specified by UNTDED); the rules so
   identified to become candidates for a list of schematron
   assertions "recommended to be included" (final characterization

The first item is self-explanatory, but the second deserves a word
of explanation.  The impetus for this came from a request that we
use the second (XSLT) validation phase of UBL 2.0 to add certain
essential basic rule-checking functions to the code value checking
already provided in the release.  As we intend to issue periodic
updates to the code lists and the default .xsl file, this will be
straightforward logistically, but we need your input on what kinds
of rules to include.

We think that the most useful rules will be those that implement
co-occurrence constraints necessary for correct use of the UBL
schemas but impossible to implement using XSD.  A clear example is
the requirement to include one of PartyName and PartyIdentifier
but not both, which is impossible to express in XSD but very easy
to express in Schematron and then embody in the default .xsl
script.  What we need from you are examples of other such rules
essential to proper UBL processing.  We're also looking for rules
that are (or should be) inherited from other standards, the
example here being the lengths for data items specified by the

It would be good to have this input in time for consideration at
the UBL TC meeting in September.  Please let me know if you see
any problem with these requests.

Best regards,


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