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Subject: Transport Equipment Requirements for Dansk Standards

As discussed, here is a proposed mapping of the Dansk Standards 
requirements to the current Transport Equipment. I welcome criticism, 
questons and feedback.

The first thing to note is that these requirements encompass a broader 
range of busines processes than was used for UBL 2.0. Specifically, 
processes whose documents require a cargo movement perspective. UBL 
concentrates on the commerical documents, these requirements also 
address the operational aspects of cargo movement. Our current documents 
take a "These are the goods and these are the containers used to carry 
them" view. We now also need the "Here are the containers and these are 
the goods carred in them" view. The simplest way to think of this is 
that we need to have a reverse association from Goods Item and Transport 
Equipment so we can also have Transport Equipment to Goods Item..

Other factors for consideration are:
Differences in terminology - where we have a one-to-one mapping,
Differences in structure - where we have BCCs mapping to ASCCs, and
Differences in CCTS conventions - for consistency the UBL naming rules 
have been applied.

In the attached spreadsheet I have documented what we discussed (i 
hope!) and also proposed a few solutions. Note that the entries in Red 
background are extensions to UBL. We would also require one new ABIE 
(ContainedGoodsItem). For a high level view of these ideas I have also 
drawn up a UML diagram (attached) showing the new associations (in red 
lines) and listing the new BBIEs for the Transport Equipment class (they 
are the ones without the <BBIE> prefix). It graphically demonstartes 
that the majority of the requirements can be addressed by creating 
associations to existing UBL structures.

This has been a useful exercise in that it identifies the key 
differences between the comprehensive forwarding and transport 
requirements being pursued by DanskStandards (and UN/CEFACT TBG3) and 
the more limited scope of UBL. By addressing this one Transport 
Equipment structure we extend the scope of UBL greatly.

Note: when opeing the spreadsheet i turned the Macros off as they seem 
to want to change things that i don't understand.

Kama, Kamarudin Bin Tambi wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please find below the agenda for this week’s call.
> Date : Thursday, 7 June 2007
> Time : 7PM - 9PM SGT
> Telephone : +65 *678 44333*
> Conference Code : *800324*
> Agenda:
>    1. Review of Danish Transportation group Transport Equipment
>    2. Collaboration with TBG3
>    3. AOB
> Regards
> Kama
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