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Subject: Re: [ubl-tsc] Minutes of Meeting - Thursday, 18 June 2007

my sincere apologies for missing this call. I got tied up on other 
project and couldn't get to a phone.

i have made some comments in line below.

Kama, Kamarudin Bin Tambi wrote:
> Hi all,
> Pls find below the MOM for the last concall.
> MINUTES of UBL-TSC Meeting
> 1900 – 2000 SGT, Thursday, 18 June 2007
> Attendance:
> Kama, Andrew Schoka, Flemming
> Item Discussed
> 1. Review of proposed Transport Equipment data model
> - The meeting made an initial review of the proposed Transport 
> Equipment data model
> - The following comments were noted
> . Transport Event is being used quite significantly. In some cases, it 
> is being used to represent transport movement
yes, a movement is an event.
> . Transport Equipment. Returnability. Indicator has an equivalent in 
> UBL 2.0. Refer to Transport Equipment. Returnability_ Indicator. 
> Indicator in UBL 2.0 common library
yes, there are several cases where the differnce between the CEFACT and 
UBL use of qualifiers means the names are not identical.
> . In the data model diagram, the Retail Indicator should be added to 
> the Transport Equipment ABIE
agreed, but can we find a better name? is it "Retail Approved Indicator"?
> . Transport Equipment. Actual Positioning. Date Time (row 288) and 
> Transport Equipment.Requested Positioning. Date Time (row 290) are 
> both mapped to Transport Equipment. Positioning_ Transport Event. 
> Transport Event. This results in similar DEN. The DEN does not clearly 
> show that the Date Time requirement.
How about something like...

Transport Equipment. Actual Positioning_ Transport Event. Transport Event
Transport Equipment. Requested Positioning_ Transport Event. Transport Event

> . What's the difference between Goods Item Container and Container 
> Goods Item?
Goods Item Container is a child of Goods Item that has a Transport 
Equipment aggregate within it.
Contained Goods Item is a child of Transport Equipment that has a Goods 
Item aggregate within it.

This is how we can have the two difference perspectives of. the first is 
" here is an item and here are the things it is shipped in". the second 
is "here is a shipping thing and these are the items in it." we need 
both the satisfy the different types if documents. the first applies to 
documents like waybils and despatch advices, etc. the second to 
container movements, bayplans, etc. both views would not be used in the 
single document type.

> . Loading Remarks (row 311) to use the Transport Event. Description 
> whereas Transport Equipment. Damage Remarks. Text has its own entry.
i agree
> . Supplier Party Role & Provider Type Code is not the same thing.
Provider Type Code is used to indicate if the party responsible for 
providing the container is the shipper, carrier, forwarder, etc. i 
though that was what supplier party was. can you give an example of what 
it might be?
> Follow-up
> - Tim to review the initial comment and make the necessary changes, 
> where applicable.
> Please note that there will be NO TSC CONCALL this Thursday, 21 June ’07.
> Rgds
> Kamarudin Bin Tambi
> UBL TSC Chair
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web: http://www.portcomm.com.au/tmcgrath

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