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ubl-tsc message

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Subject: Two TSC action items

Hello TSC,

Here are a couple of items that should have been forwarded to you
earlier; my apologies for the delay.

1. The preliminary UBL TC work schedule for 2008 is missing a
   timeline for the TSC contribution to UBL 2.1.  See cells 12E
   through 12Y of the spreadsheet:


2. One of the issues raised by JPLSC requires resolution by
   transportation experts.  I mistakenly logged this item in the
   minutes of the Pacific TC call as follows:

   25. Agree that the definitions should be the same, but we think
       that neither is what we really want.

       ACTION: TM to ask PSC for clarification.

   This should have read "AS to ask TSC for clarification."  The
   reference is to the JPLSC comments at



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