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Subject: RE: Freightwise Info


I have been advised that some of the addressees on this email may not have received the attachments from Jan. If that is the case please email me and I can send them out to whomever didn’t get them. Thanks again to Jan for his followthrough.



Andy Schoka



From: Jan Tore Pedersen [mailto:jantp@marlo.no]
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2008 3:48 PM
To: 'Anderson'; 'Andrew Schoka'; 'Bosak'; 'FMH'; Heikki Laaksamo; 'Hendry'; 'IHU'; 'KVP'; 'Maaren'; 'Roberto'; 'Tim Mcgrath'; 'UBL-TSC'; 'Vankemmel'; 'Veile'
Subject: Freightwise Info


Dear all


As agreed during the phone meeting last week, here are two of the three documents I promised. The third will be sent out in the next few days.




Jan Tore Pedersen


Dr.ing. Jan Tore Pedersen

Marlo a.s, Tryms vei 6, 1445 Heer, Norway, Phone: +47 64930735, Mobile: +47 95078065

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