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Subject: Data (Core Component) Harmonization - Some ideas from another community - Review request

Dear UBL TC, PSC and TSCers,


ISO Technical Committee 204, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), recently published a Technical Report entitled “Intelligent transport systems — Systems architecture — Harmonization of ITS data concepts” as ISO TR25100. The scope of the TR is “the harmonization of data concepts that are being managed by data registries and data dictionaries such as those described in ISO 14817:2002, a domain-specific implementation of ISO 11179. The foundation data definition approach is ISO 15000-5, Core Component Technical Specification (CCTS). The TR compares and contrasts a number of approaches to data harmonization including that of UN/CEFACT TBG17 however, it makes a distinction between inventing core components from requirements and discerning core components from existing systems.


 A key activity is the ongoing work being done by the UK Highways Agency and their supporting contractor, Mott MacDonald. I had a recent opportunity to interact with a principal investigator of that work and he is soliciting feedback regarding his fundamental approach to data harmonization and whether it should be extended to reflect more detailed formulations of how data elements from different projects can be related. That work would be reflected in an update to ISO TR25100. I have attached his seminal document of core component analysis and invite you to review it. I believe that some of the concepts presented in the paper could well offer benefits to how independent UML implementations could be harmonized amongst themselves as well as with the UN CEFACT Core Component Library.


I welcome any opportunity to engage in a discussion of this paper with the idea of providing the author feedback as well as possibly applying it to UBL.




Andy Schoka



233480 TN 16 Core Components Analysis.doc

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