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Subject: Re: [ubl-psc] Question about DocumentStatus and DocumentStatusRequest

I imagine that the DocumentStatus is very useful to inform about the
status of business documents that cannot be updated on the road (e.g. the
invoice) due to integrity requirements.

For instance the approval workflow required for issuing, bookkeeping,
payment, storage are all providing a status.

The life-cycle of a document produces some additional status that can be
expressed here.

As the DocumentStatus and the DocumentStatusRequest are associated to any
Process I believe that could apply to any Actor as well.

So my suggestion is to indicate that any Actor involved in the life-cycle
of the document can be acting as the sender and/or receiver.

The document life-cycle processes are not limited to the original trade
process but could be related to archiving, bookkeping, so on...


> Hello PSC and TSC,
> A question has arisen regarding two of the entries in the table of
> UBL document types, DocumentStatus and DocumentStatusRequest.  The
> current version of the table lists these, incorrectly, as related
> to Tendering, but in fact they appear to have come from the BII
> ePrior project.  We think that the purpose was to get the status
> of a sent Invoice, but it seems that the documents can be used
> with other processes as well.
> Currently these table entries are as follows:
>     <row>
>        <entry align="left">Document Status</entry>
>        <entry align="left">A document used to provide information
>           about document status.</entry>
>        <entry align="left">Tendering</entry>
>        <entry align="left">Contracting Authority</entry>
>        <entry align="left">Tenderer</entry>
>     </row>
>     <row>
>        <entry align="left">Document Status Request</entry>
>        <entry align="left">A document used to request the status
>           of another document.</entry>
>        <entry align="left">Tendering</entry>
>        <entry align="left">Tenderer</entry>
>        <entry align="left">Contracting Authority</entry>
>     </row>
> It appears that the descriptions are OK, but we need new entries
> for Processes Involved, Submitter Role, and Receiver Role.
> Please advise.
> Jon
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